Woman trapped in after-hours mall makes hilarious escape offer – Reuters

Sian Conway documented her night in Dublin’s Stephen’s Green shopping center after she finished her shift and discovered she was locked in

Sian Conway got stuck at the mall

A woman who found herself trapped in a mall after closing time has gone viral after sharing her hilarious ode and somewhat random escape attempt.

Sian Conway recorded her night at Stephen’s Green Shopping Center after finishing her shift and finding out she was locked in.

She realized the center was completely empty and documented the ‘pajama party’ incident on TikTok which features foul language.

Passers-by did not notice her at the glass doors and she realized that the exits were closed,

She told the Irish Mirror: “I think I’m going to have a sleepover in Stephen’s Green. I feel blessed,” she joked

Sian was left running from floor to floor looking for a security guard for more than 40 minutes, but found no one who could help her leave.

She began to plan her eventual escape by taking the emergency fire exit down to the basement.

But his plans were dashed after he realized the basement exit doors were closed.

She was finally found freedom by darting down the fire escape from Harry’s on the Green bar, which is below the centre, ending her disastrous evening.

Sian Conway realized she was trapped in the mall after finishing her shift


Irish mirror)

Sian said, “Both bartenders looked at me like I had five heads, which is fair considering I probably looked crazy. I had truly never been so excited to see the outdoors in my life,”

She also revealed that she filmed her predicament not to attract views, but to distract herself from her situation as she struggled to get out.

“The building was completely empty, which she didn’t expect.

“A colleague of mine told me that if I ever had trouble getting out, there was usually a security guard somewhere.

“I saw all the comments from people telling me where to go, but when I said there was no soul there, I wasn’t kidding,” she added.

Her initial post left viewers demanding a story update, which resulted in her ordeal being shown over the course of three videos.

The Mirror recounted another incident at a shopping destination earlier this month when Primark shoppers were stunned when a woman went into labor in the shop.

Despite the shock, several customers didn’t let the bizarre event slow down their reading of discounted clothing and continued to shop.

In a TikTok video filmed in March but only now going viral, the poster explained how the woman shopped at a Primark store in Nottingham city centre.

The user captioned the video, saying: ‘How does someone literally give birth at Nottingham Primark when everyone is casually shopping.’

In the clip, the woman can be heard moaning as she experiences pain during labor.

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