Woman injured in shopping cart fall awarded $45 million

An Upper West Side real estate broker was awarded $45.2 million by a jury on Friday, seven years after he was nearly killed when a shopping cart fell from an overpass by a group of teenagers.

The victim, Marion Hedges, was present for the decision and is said to have “trembled with emotion when the verdict was announced”. depending on the post (“But she didn’t shed a tear because a side effect of her brain damage is the inability to cry,” the tabloid helpfully notes.)

The verdict culminates a long legal battle, which began when Hedges was nearly killed by a shopping cart while buying candy for needy children at the East River Plaza mall in Harlem. Two boys, aged 12 and 13, were seen throwing the cart from a footbridge and eventually pleaded guilty. “Me and [the other boy] threw a shopping cart from the fourth floor of the mall,” one said in family court.

Hedes suffered brain damage from the throw and had to be placed in a medically induced coma. She continues to suffer from cognitive problems as a result of these injuries, Daily News reports, and testified in court earlier this week that she struggled to perform routine tasks and could no longer be physically intimate with her husband.

She reportedly forgave the boys shortly after waking up from her coma, weeks after the incident. That same year, Hedges and his family sued the East River Plaza Mall, its security company, and Target for negligence. On Friday, the jury found that the two boys were 10% responsible for the woman’s injuries, the mall was 65% responsible and the planned security services were 25% responsible.

The family plans to donate part of the prize money to a local youth center.

“I just want to be able to do something with the money that helps the kids in Harlem, really,” Hedges said Friday. “We want to help kids in Harlem have a chance to do something other than throw a shopping cart away on a boring Sunday afternoon.”

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