Throwback to Delta: A new mall has launched for Tsawwassen

Let’s go back to August 1968 when a major development plan for Tsawwassen was submitted to the Municipality of Delta.

The new mall development proposed by George Hodgins Realty Ltd. was proposed for 13 acres immediately north of the Tsawwassen Safeway store.

After being delayed for three years before finally being submitted, the application included a parking lot that could hold 706 vehicles as well as four high-rise apartment buildings, each containing around 100 suites.

A bowling alley and a theater were also included in the plan.

A story in the Optimistic at the time, the $10 million project would be architecturally designed with an emphasis on landscaping.

The story also noted that most of the stores shown in the proposed plan had been booked, and “many” nationally known tenants would move there.

Fast forward to this year and an application has yet to be submitted to the city for the potential redevelopment of the downtown Tsawwassen Mall.

Three years ago, Century Group Chairman Sean Hodgins hosted an open house to unveil a proposed master plan for the site, showing a concept to transform the complex into a mixed-use urban village.

This plan, which has had no further public commitment to date, included 700 condo units in eight low-to-mid-rise buildings, as well as a new library at the heart of the development, an amenity that would be donated to the town. , which currently does not own the Tsawwassen Library building.

The concept also had 120,000 square feet of ground floor retail.

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Peggy P. Gilmore