The bear enters the mall and walks inside; forces buyers to run for exits

In a strange incident, customers at a grocery store had a fatal shopping experience when a bear entered the supermarket and began to venture inside. According to a CBS Los Angeles report, the bear was seen at a supermarket in Porter Ranch, Los Angeles on Saturday. The report says customers started rushing to the exit doors, while some were brave enough to record the bizarre incident on their cell phones. Fortunately, no cases of injuries were reported and all customers were safely evacuated from the grocery store.

The American actress had to face the bear

According to the Ministry of Fisheries and Wildlife, the bear has been seen in several places in the city. The carnivorous mammal was later apprehended in a construction area shortly after the supermarket contacted the agency. Authorities tranquilized the bear before moving it to a safe area. Meanwhile, American actress Tisha Campbell who was present at the supermarket at the time of the incident recorded the video and shared it on her Instagram account which has gone viral on social media platforms.

Internet users were amazed to see a bear in the supermarket

While describing the incident, the actress shared the video with the caption: “Mannnnn! THIS ISN’T DAMN PUPPY! See? DA ‘F ** k I look like? Why are all these animals attracted to me right now? I don’t “I don’t understand! Do you know what else keeps following me? ? #COMEDY! Comedy follows me like a bloody stalker! I DON’T EVEN TRY DRLE and then look…. A fucking bear ?! Truly ??? The store workers chased him away. There was no cop called no fucking fire department, no vet – ***** – narian. NUTHIN !!!! When you left the store you were on your own !! “Meanwhile, the video caught the attention of over four lakhs on Instagram and thousands of users commented to get a better view of the incident. “Be glad it’s not that thing you all fight on the island,” read the comment from one Instagram user. “I think it’s happening everywhere. They cut so many trees. These animals have nowhere to live. So they’re just everywhere, ”the second user’s comment read.

Credit: Tisha Campbell / Instagram
Credit: Tisha Campbell / Instagram

Similar viral video of a bear that made the internet buzz

In another video, a tourist from Gatlinburg, Tennessee had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a black bear after it got stuck in his car. While prowling around the white Nissan automobile, the bear is filmed trying to unlock the car door with its jaws. A video surfaced on the internet and drew many views from surprised internet users. In the video, the man was caught unlocking the front door of his white SUV to let the bear out, dressed in a multi-colored t-shirt. The bear poked its head out and looked surprised when Joseph Deel, the owner of the car, opened the door. His friends start yelling at the bear in an attempt to scare him. As the bear hopped out of the seat and over the people in front of the car, before venturing into the wilderness, they let out a loud cry and waved their arms around.

(Image credit: Tisha Campbell / Instagram)

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