South India Shopping Mall: Harnessing the success of new stores, omnichannel experience and digital innovation

The South India Mall has witnessed the transition from smaller stores to the largest textile kingdom in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The brand’s rich heritage has not only taught the company knee points, but has also helped nurture all segments of the business.

The reputation of South India Mall is widely spread; and over time he achieved celebrity status. The secret to their remarkable success has been the ability to embrace the latest in all categories, including clothing trends supported by a perfect blend of assimilation of the latest techniques, fashion style and fusion of colors, designs and works of art.

The brand takes great pride in its competitive prices, quality products, consumer experience and satisfaction. The South India Mall was provide customer service with a touch of politeness, grace, instant warmth and impression that drives business forward; a brand that has been maintained until Date. No wonder the end result was flawless 100% customer satisfaction report.

In an exclusive interaction with IMAGES Retail, Suresh Seerna, one of the managers of South India Shopping Mall, talks about the brand’s milestones, journey and achievements.

Tell us about your brand journey and the steps taken since its creation?

South India Shopping Mall is the finest textile, clothing and jewelry showroom with 27 stores across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka with a total area of ​​8 20,000 square feet. The brand constantly offers high quality jewelry for men and women and has earned a certain reputation and credibility in this field.

Founded in 2010, by veterans with nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve come a long way. So far the trip has been successful with ups and downs and other challenges too. But we are doing well, making progress with each passing day. We have a wonderful team with valuable customers and their Support.

What do you think of Andhra/Telangana as a retail market? How much has it increased in the last 3 years?

Telangana and Andhra Pradesh retail market is in good shape as far as growth is concerned. The market has a unique mix of regional and national players which makes it very special. The pandemic had slowed growth in its early days, but after the lockdown there has been a good recovery and the future looks very bright for the retailers and mall developers.

What’s so unique about this market? Tell us about the opportunities and bottlenecks for your industry in this region?

The retail market of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is synonymous with opportunity. Fashion has always evolved in this part, and we have constantly updated the same for our customers. As mentioned, opportunities are multiplying enormously for Millennials. I think there are no bottlenecks as such from our point of view.

Tell us about the learnings and changes you had to implement due to the pandemic?

The pandemic has been a life lesson for everyone. Unfortunately, the effect has been disastrous for the entire retail fraternity. We adopted new strategies, adopted new methods and implemented new innovations during this period. We adopted technological and digital innovations in our brand and digital-focused strategies Sales. WhatsApp video call purchases, cashless deliveries and faster and better consumer experience were among the main initiatives.

Has your brand/stores returned to normal in terms of business and not?

Everyone has encountered similar problems because we are no different. We too are on the same boat. The wedding season was the turning point of our recovery and our return. Most weddings were delayed during the pandemic, but post-lockdown it gave us a boost. We have reached almost 85% of normality.

Did you introduce any new categories this year? If so, which ones and these changes have been made due to COVID?

Yes, we have introduced new categories and trends during this period. We introduced lots of new bridal styles. In fact, we’ve expanded the comfort wear category as people have started using them a lot due to the pandemic. Sales increased drastically in this category. So yes, the changes were made due to COVID.

What technological advancements have you made in the past year, keeping COVID-19 in mind?

Undeniably, we have embraced cutting-edge technology in many ways for the better.

As in the previous year, we introduced WhatsApp shopping for digital sales and TEAMS for our family of employees.

What new technologies are you bringing over the next year?

We plan to introduce our “App” to facilitate purchases and more convenient for our customers.

Have you implemented innovative in-store experiences to improve the customer experience?

Yes. We launched in-store radio for the better and LED screens for display our products so that it becomes easy for our customers to shop.

Do you have an Omnichannel strategy? If yes, please specify.

Yes. We now offer a fully integrated shopping experience for our customers with the Omnichannel strategy of our stores in e-commerce platform.

What are your expansion plans?

We plan to open 3-4 stores per year in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and near borders.

Tell us about your vision and your expectations from 2022?

In the next two years, we aim to open our stores in many cities and we already see 2022 as a great year for us. We expect the highest numbers and plan to spread our brand into unknown corners with growth of at least 15% and more.

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