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SAULT STE MARIE, ONTARIO ~~~~~~ September 11, 2021 (LSNews) The shopping cart bylaw which describes a comprehensive system of shopping cart regulation in the city of Sault Ste. Marie is now in force.

As a member of stopped, business owners who provide shopping carts to their customers are required to develop and file a plan with the City’s Director of Public Works and Engineering Services identifying the steps they will take to keep carts on their property or to collect them. The plan should include details of the operation of the business owner and the timing of how the carts are to be collected and returned to the business owner’s premises, a description of the owner’s carts, including all easily identifiable characteristics and contact person and information for the business owner who will be called if carts are found off-site.

“Effective immediately, businesses can be fined for leaving shopping carts on sidewalks, boulevards and trails in our city,” said Susan Hamilton Beach, director of public works and engineering services. “We recognize that business owners face great challenges in collecting their carts and we will work with these companies to provide convenient controls and a system to help facilitate the pickup of abandoned carts.”

The regulations set out various prohibitions for businesses, including customers who remove shopping carts from a business owner’s property. The regulation also provides enforcement tools in the event of non-compliance, including a written notice to the business owner to recover their cart and a fine of up to $ 5,000 per day for non-compliance. If the business owner does not comply, the City may collect and collect the cart at the owner’s expense.

The by-law on shopping carts came into effect on September 7, 2021. Companies must provide their plans to the city’s director of public works at [email protected] for review and approval. For more information visit or call 705-759-5201.


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