Shopping Cart Monitor Detects Digital Ecommerce Skimming Attacks

SecurityMetrics has developed new technology for e-commerce that detects digital skimming on shopping carts. As part of the SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center, Shopping Cart Monitor protects vendors by preventing web skimming and theft of credit card data on their e-commerce sites.

This new technology has the potential to save online retailers a lot of money and frustration, as organizations can be held liable for damage, damage that can cost retailers hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Aaron Willis (SecurityMetrics Forensic Analyst, CISSP) explains, “Attackers are as innovative a race of criminals as they are. Shopping Cart Monitor is important because it helps us stay ahead of these attackers. It helps us keep your website from becoming the lowest fruit on the tree. By running Monitor, you can stay one step ahead of attackers. . . if you use Monitor, you are better protected.

Through analysis of data on recent security breaches, SecurityMetrics discovered that not only digital skimming attacks are increasing dramatically, but they are also becoming much more sophisticated. E-commerce skimming attacks are particularly vicious because, unlike traditional skimming, they leave no indication of compromise on the web server, making them extremely difficult to detect. Shopping Cart Monitor is a preventative solution that monitors websites for suspicious activity and alerts you if something goes wrong.

Shopping Cart Monitor offers:

  • Non-intrusive analysis
  • Customizable notifications
  • Regular alerts and assistance
  • Straightforward and simple reports
  • Automated inspection
  • Segmented lists of threat indicators
  • User-friendly software
  • 24/7 technical assistance

Webpage Integrity Monitoring (WIM) is the patented technology behind Shopping Cart Monitor that detects web skimming the moment it is triggered and will alert a merchant if a web page has been compromised.

SecurityMetrics offers a second WIM service, Shopping Cart Inspect, which provides a unique forensic inspection of shopping carts to determine the source of a violation so that it can be fixed. If Webpage Integrity Monitoring detects an attack, it is important to collect detailed forensic evidence to understand how an e-commerce website was hacked. A SecurityMetrics forensic analyst will examine your online shopping cart and uncover evidence of a skimming attack so you can take appropriate action to protect your data.

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