Russian throws ‘effectively worthless’ rubles into mall; has no takers

Seeing no signs of recovery for the ruble which is now worth less than 0.0077 to the dollar, a man threw cash on the first floor of a mall in a video that went viral. While normally people were rushing to grab every penny at their fingertips, hardly any buyers seemed interested in taking it.

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  • The value of the ruble is 0.0077 cents per dollar.
  • The buyer threw in what appeared to be 100-ruble notes, but no one seemed to catch any.
  • Even so, the notes wouldn’t add up to a penny individually.

The value of Ruble has been in free fall since Vladimir Poutinethe forces of launched an all-out attack against Ukrainetowns. Long-awaited sanctions have brought the Russian currency to a historic low.

It was not the most dominant currency in forex trading initially, but now the ruble is worth 0.0077 cents for the dollar or most likely less than that. Seeing that there are no signs of a change anytime soon, a man threw his cash from what appears to be the first floor of a mall in a video that has gone viral.

The buyer sticks his hand in a bag and throws the “worthless” ruble bills, but no one bats an eyelid, let alone catches him.

While normally people would rush to grab every penny in their reach if someone threw the money so generously, hardly any buyer seemed interested in taking it.

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The video, since being posted on Reddit, has been up-voted over 44,000 times and the comments section is buzzing with over 2,000 of them.

“A Russian man throws money in a mall because the ruble is actually worth nothing,” the caption read.

Watch the video here (on Youtube):

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One user said he “likes that no one” even tries to collect the money.

A comment says
One comment read: ‘Love that no one is even trying to grab it’

Another user in the comments claimed to have seen “at least one catch it”

One user claimed to have seen at least one user catch itquot
One user claimed to have seen “at least one catch it”

The tickets, based on color, appear to be worth 100 rubles each. Or so it’s guesswork. As one user pointed out, the lowest ruble paper note is 5 rubles and hasn’t been “minted for more than 20 years”. Denominations of 5 and 10 rubles are rare.

One of the comments on the Reddit post
One of the comments on the Reddit post

Even if these banknotes were 100 rubles, their value would be less than a penny.

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