Railway plans ‘family mall’ at Mumbai Central Station to shop essentials at railway premises

Board a train, get off at the station, shop at a family shopping center located on the station premises. This is what the railway authorities are planning with the latest plans being drawn up for Mumbai Central Station on the Western Railway. This is followed by the proposed one at Dadar Station which will be between the space covering the Western and Central Railways.

On March 1, Western Railway issued a tender for the development, operation and maintenance of this family shopping centre. According to WR officials, the designs and space for this family mall will be prepared and that it is expected to arrive at the station premises which connects the two; the Terminus and Suburban corridors in Mumbai Central.

“We are planning to conceptualize and develop this family shopping center at a cost of just over Rs 11 crore or more. Similarly, we will also build a family shopping center at Dadar station,” a Western Railway official said on condition of anonymity.

The family malls will also have spa facilities, a unisex lounge, play areas as well as national and multinational retail brands inside. Since Mumbai Central has a Commuter Line and Terminus that terminates there; the railway official claims that it will definitely catch the eyes of people and passengers. Passengers wishing to board long distance trains from Mumbai Central could visit this family mall to kill time and/or even buy some essentials and something they like.

At Mumbai Central Terminus, WR is already planning to upgrade the waiting room with facilities such as massage and spa, in addition to refreshed interiors. The concept of Family Mall is basically for value retailing by uniting multiple multi-brands under one roof keeping in mind the passenger’s needs for different products like groceries, clothes, waiting room, the recreation room, the accessories, the play area, the multiplex, etc. shall be entitled to sublet all or part of the space allocated to any person, entity, national or international multi-brand retail and public services.

Plus, it will help them generate additional revenue under a non-tariff revenue model. Revenues from the non-paying box which until now have been limited to catering units, billboards, outdoor advertising and on-demand content. According to WR sources, they are planning to offer space at different stations in the suburban section in order to utilize the space.

Similar shopping complexes at Andheri, Kandivali, Goregaon and Borivali stations in the near future. The contract for the operation of these family malls will be for 5 years from which they intend to generate revenue of Rs 11-12 crore per station. It will be on the commercial building lines which have been constructed on the Navi Mumbai station buildings on Central Railway.

Due to the pandemic, rail authorities believe this could have an effect on attracting private parties and developers to these projects. Revenue source analysis indicates that revenue from non-tariff boxes in the Mumbai suburban network is around Rs 100 crore. Advertising accounts for more than 2/3 of this revenue, rentals from station retail and catering units and other sources make up the rest.

According to MRVC study in 2014, contribution of non-tariff box revenue for railways in Mumbai is 6% compared to other cities like Hong Kong which stands at 41%, Tokyo at 33%, Singapore at 24%, DMRC, Delhi at 20% percent and Taipei at 13 percent.

Posted: Tuesday, March 01, 2022, 6:40 PM IST

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Peggy P. Gilmore