NorCal woman identified as victim of ‘basket’ serial killer

(KRON) – A Northern California woman was murdered by an East Coast serial killer who preyed on victims through dating apps and lured women to motels, investigators said .

Stephanie Harrison was murdered by the “cart killer” while on vacation in Washington DC, Virginia police said at a recent news conference.

“DNA evidence has confirmed the identities of Cheyenne Brown, 29, of Washington DC, and Stephanie Harrison, 48, of Redding, California, as victims found in a shipping container near the Moon Inn Motel in Alexandria, (Virginia),” Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis said.

The accused serial killer is Anthony Eugene Robinson, 35. He is currently behind bars in Rockingham County Jail.

Police dubbed Robinson the “shopping cart killer” because he allegedly used shopping carts to move the bodies of victims from motels to remote areas.

Two female bodies were found inside a container left near this shopping cart. (Fairfax County Police Department)

He met women online using the “Plenty Of Fish” dating app, as well as the “Tagged” app, according to police.

“We have a serial killer. He does unspeakable things with his victims. What’s his MO? Dating sites, motels, blunt trauma. shopping carts, final resting place,” Davis said.

The bodies of Harrison and Brown were found together in a plastic container on Dec. 15 after homicide detectives spotted a red shopping cart left near the Moon Inn Motel in Virginia.

Police have identified four victims they suspect were killed by Robinson inside the motels: Harrison, Brown, Tonita Lorice Smith, 39, and Allene Elizabeth Redmon, 54.

The four women were listed as “missing” for months before being found dead last winter.

Harrison was last heard from on August 19, 2021. Harrison called her sister and said she spent the day touring the United States Capitol building in Washington, D.C. Her credit card history showed that she had checked into the Moon Inn Motel the same night that she had disappeared.

The day Brown disappeared, she too stayed at the Moon Inn Motel.

Detectives located video surveillance that revealed Brown met Robinson at a Washington D.C. subway station before heading to the motel on September 30. Further investigation revealed that they had communicated via “Plenty Of Fish”.

Smith and Redmon were found dead near a shopping cart left behind by a hotel in Harrisonburg, Va., in November.

Robinson is a New York native whose most recent address was in DC

Investigators are currently trying to determine Robinson’s whereabouts, create a timeline of his life, and paint a behavioral profile to find more victims. Thirty-six police departments and the FBI met last week to comb through other missing persons cases.

Anthony Eugene Robinson (Harrisonburg Police Department)

“Our major crime detectives are looking for anyone who may have interacted with Robinson on these dating apps. We believe there are others… who could provide us with crucial information about him,” Davis said.

“Robinson has stayed at the Moon Inn motel on at least five other occasions, and we need to know more,” Davis said.

FCPD Cybercrime and Forensics Bureau Chief Ed O’Carroll did not say whether Harrison had ever communicated with Robinson through a dating app.

“We’re looking at this case scientifically, through this digital fingerprint,” O’Carroll said.

Police received a “critical clue” last week of a possible fifth victim. A woman’s body was found covered with a blanket in a shopping cart in Washington, DC, O’Carroll said. His name has not been disclosed.

“We believe this may be Anthony Eugene Robinson’s fifth victim,” O’Carroll said.

Stephanie Harrison
Stephanie Harrison traveled from her California home to Washington DC before disappearing. (Fairfax County Police Department)

Davis said he was grateful that Robinson is currently locked up in jail. “It gives us the ability to work backwards while he’s still not killing,” he added.

Harrison’s daughter, Destiny Livingston, said her mother was a kind and loving mother and grandmother who would give her last penny to anyone who needed help.

Livingston wrote on Facebook, “Mom…you were always my person. You called at midnight no matter where in the world we were…this year was silent. My thoughts go out to the other three families who have been affected by this monster. I hope all of these women are found and get the justice and closure they deserve.

Brown’s family said she had a big heart, was trusting and “considered everyone her friend”.

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