No trace of who left the gun, five bullets in a basket at LuLu Mall – The New Indian Express

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KOCHI: Police have yet to identify the person who threw a pistol and five bullets into a shopping cart at LuLu Mall, one of the state’s largest malls. According to officers, images of four people taken by the mall’s CCTV cameras are being further analyzed.

Although an elderly person was taken into custody on Saturday night after scanning the footage, he was later released after a detailed check of the footage revealed he had no connection to the incident . Preliminary analysis by ballistics experts revealed that the firearm is a Chinese-made model of the Russian 9mm Norinco Tokarev caliber pistol.

“The gun is unusable. We are trying to get some details using the serial number of the gun. If it belongs to someone with a valid firearms license, then we can locate the person, ”said an officer. image of the person, who is seen near the cart in which the gun and bullets were found.

It was around noon on Saturday that mall staff noticed a package in one of the carts at entrance number one to the mall. During the check, they found a cloth bag containing a pistol and bullets. A note, on which were found names of social and religious leaders written in a distorted manner, was also found in the bag.

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