Interactive map: Sixty mall fires in 7 years in Karachi

Buildings next to the Chase department store that caught fire on Wednesday must be emptied, authorities said as the blaze raged even 20 hours later.

One person died of asphyxiation in the fire that broke out in the basement of the famous department store in Karachi. The victim would have come to give a job interview. Eleven firefighters, two barrels, a snorkel had to be called.

The store is located at Jail Chowrangi. The roads leading to it have been sealed.

The fire broke out in the basement of the store around 11 a.m.

KMC Fire Chief Mubeen Ahmed, who was at the site, told Aaj News that tankers from the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board were also ensuring a stable water supply to the fire site. .

At least one person was rushed to hospital after inhaling smoke from the basement. Many customers were also trapped in the building who were rescued.

“They (the department store management) were using the basement as a warehouse without official permission. There are no emergency exits. »

Maintaining a warehouse requires permission, which they did not have, he added. “Basic emergency protocols were not followed.”

While barrels and tenders put out the flames outside, those on site say the fire is still raging in the basement.

Ahmed said the cargo was not allowed to be stored in the basement without explicit permission. “It’s stored under sheds in the open so it’s visible in the event of a situation like this.”

He said the situation worsened as the department store is located on the ground floor of the 15-storey residential complex.

The reason for the fire could not immediately be determined, but a fire official said it was due to a short circuit in the basement.

Sohail, a resident of the Sumya Bridge View apartment complex above Chase, said residents were asked to vacate the 15-story building. “The power was also cut off,” he said.

A Chase saleswoman, who did not want to be named, said the fire started due to a short circuit in the basement warehouse. “It happened between 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m..”

She said men working at the department store tried to put out the fire but were unable to bring it under control.

“The flame quickly engulfed everything stored in the basement-warehouse,” she told Aaj News.

She said a staff member was trapped in the CCTV room and was evacuated after one side of the wall was destroyed. He was later rushed to hospital after inhaling fumes. It was not immediately clear if the employee rushed to hospital is the same individual who was reported dead.

List of shopping mall fires in Karachi from 2016 to date
January 22, 2016 Gulf Centre, Clifton March 31, 2016 Rabi Centre, Tariq Road April 12, 2016 Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road June 2, 2016 Ashiana Shopping Centre, Clifton June 3, 2016 Hyperstar Mall, Clifton August 6, 2016 Gold Mark, Defense August 6, 2016 Jama Cloth Market, MA Jinnah Rd August 7, 2016 Gul Plaza, MA JInnah Road August 26, 2016 Gul Plaza, MA Jinnah Road October 13, 2016 Madina Mall, Saddar October 17, 2016 Gul Centre, Saddar October 25, 2016 Atrium Mall, Saddar October 27, 2016 Center Atrium Mall, Saddar October 29, 2016 Erum Mall January 4, 2017 Atrium Mall, Saddar January 21, 2017 Madni Mall, Hyderi February 2, 2017 TechnoCity Mall April 30, 2017 Imtiaz Store, Gulshan May 2, 2017 Zainab Market, Saddar June 28, 2017 Jama Cloth Market, MA Jinnah Rd June 29, 2017 Metro Department Store, Shahrah-e-Faisal July 18, 2017 Gul Plaza, MA Jinnah Road October 17, 2017 Mateen Center, Tariq Road November 1, 2017 Glamor One, Tariq Road 22 November mber 2017 Karim Centre, Saddar December 9, 2017 Silk Mall, Shaheed-e-Millat December 12, 2017 City Shopping Mall February 2, 2018 Gul Plaza, MA JInnah Road February 17, 2018 Green Super Market, Disco Bakery March 4, 2018 Millenium Mall, Gulshan March 25 2018 Naheed Super Store, Shaheed-e-Millat 27 March 2018 Ocean Shopping Mall, Clifton 11 April 2018 Gul Centre, Saddar 12 April 2018 Al Karam Studio, Bahadurabad 16 April 2018 A-Market Super Store 24 May 2018 Grace Shopping Centre, Gulistan- e-Johar June 9, 2018 Rainbow Center June 17, 2018 Jama Cloth Market, MA Jinnah Rd June 24, 2018 Atrium Mall, Saddar June 24, 2018 TechnoCity Mall August 23, 2018 Imtiaz Super Store, Awami Markaz August 24, 2018 Imtiaz Super Store, Awami Markaz Oct 1 2018 TechnoCity Mall Oct 10, 2018 Imtiaz Super Store, Nazimabad Jan 31, 2019 KK Super Market Feb 28, 2019 Millenium Mall, Gulshan Apr 18, 2019 Empress View Mall, Saddar May 7, 2019 Bin Hashim Store, Gulistan-e-Johar Jun 4, 2019 Madina Shopping Mall, Tari q Road Jun 23, 2019 Erum Mall, Gulistan-e-Johar Jul 23, 2019 RJ Mall, Rashid Minhas Road Aug 11, 2019 Mateen Centre, Tariq Road Jan 11, 2020 Firdous Shopping Centre, Liaquatabad No 4 Feb 5 2020 Malir Tanki area 7 Feb 2020 Zainab Market, Saddar Aug 24, 2021 Moosa Lane, Lyari Oct 11, 2021 Chavla Market in Nazimabad No Nov 1 15, 2021 Cooperative market, Saddar Nov 17, 2021 Victoria centre, Abdullah Haroon Road

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