Features of the e-commerce shopping cart to implement for the 2019 holiday season

As the holidays approach, everyone wants to give the right gifts to their friends, family and acquaintances. Even so, we all hate crowded days in brick and mortar malls. The parking lots fill up and you spend 20 minutes looking for a parking space. Then, just as you walk to the store, the toy you want for your child is out and you have to hurry through the crowds to find a suitable substitute.

You, the online store, can make shopping easier. To solve a problem, all you need to do is make your digital store cart very convenient. Then the orders will arrive and you can focus on getting them to your customers.

My company has helped various businesses integrate e-commerce platforms into their websites. Through this experience, I have found that ecommerce options can be a useful alternative for shoppers who don’t want to go to the mall for their holiday shopping. Below are my tips for creating an online shopping experience that sets your brand apart:

Features of online shopping carts

If you’re selling on a storefront like Amazon, the website will likely have some of the features listed below. Implement them on your own site and I think you can survive the holiday season. Or you can even do better and become a mainstay of the giveaway.

Develop mobile-friendly pages.

The number of sales made on smartphones, as opposed to tablets, laptops or desktops, is growth. People want the convenience of scrolling, skimming, and ordering. They also want to click, save their information, and make transactions quickly.

Always verify that your website reads well on a mobile device. Some external tools can help you, or you can test it yourself. If you’re feeling daring or have the money to invest, develop an app that takes up little memory and can help.

Provide multiple payment options.

Not everyone wants to enter their credit card information in the blink of an eye. Sometimes they prefer to keep this personal information safe or not save it on their phone. Flexibility can make all the difference and save consumers the hassle of digging into their wallets.

Make sure your website allows PayPal, Apple Wallet, Venmo, and other digital transfers. Sometimes a user just wants to press a finger on their phone and confirm that they want to buy from your website. Such a transaction is simple and convenient, and it is linked to the accessibility factor of smartphones. People will appreciate when they have a choice.

PayPal is currently used internationally. You can reach customers all over the world if you wish by incorporating this option. But if you choose to include PayPal, be sure to track large orders and revenue, as PayPal will freeze your account if it suspects fraud, and it can take months to dispute.

Protect consumer data.

When it comes to credit card security, make sure your website is encrypted. If hackers break into your store or if data is leaked through a mailing list without the blind carbon copy option, then your reputation could collapse.

Use basic encryption, which will also help you comply with European Union law. Comply with GDPR and only ask customers to sign up with information rather than the other way around. If your customers are forced to opt out and they are European, you can get into legal trouble and open your business to lawsuits. Fines can kill a business, even internationally.

Create a “wishlist” option.

Wishlists are a great option to allow more flexibility for holiday shopping. Consumers love them because they save time debating what to offer business owners. You can also look at what customers see as freebies and remind them of potential purchases.

If you have repeat customers, give them the option to add the products they like to the lists and make the items shareable. You can even take a charitable approach and house entire classes or families in need of supplies, toys, or equipment.

Offer discounts.

What coupons or discounts can you offer in the shopping cart itself? Amazon also offers them, subscription options with multiple dollars off a customer’s first purchase. Decide if you can swallow the cost of free shipping on a first purchase, or offer a coupon to those who subscribe to your email newsletter.

Make sure you are transparent about inventory and delivery dates.

Honesty is the best policy when delivering products under pressure. If you let people know in advance that a product is scarce or out of stock, they are more likely to choose a substitute. Let consumers know if they have one or two left of a certain product. I saw that this could make someone add it to their cart.

Remember to be honest about the delivery dates. If you can’t rush out for the holidays, consumers will prefer to know it. Trust is an important asset. This lack of transparency can have a significant impact on your business if customers expect their item to be delivered on time for the holidays.

Seize this holiday season and deliver all your products. Just implement these features and your digital shopping cart will be up to date and ready to help your customers.

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Peggy P. Gilmore