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When most people go to stores, they buy a few things. When Epic Games goes shopping, they buy the local mall.

This week, Epic agreed to purchase the Cary Towne Center, a 980,000 square foot site just down the road from its current home in Cary, North Carolina.

The sprawling complex will become Epic’s original new campus, which will open in 2024 after a three-year plan to renovate and rebuild the area. I hope for Fortnite’s favorite Fishstick statues.

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Although Epic owns the site, some of it can still be donated to the local community, the company said.

Epic moved to Cary in 1999 after being originally founded as Potomac Computer Systems in Tim Sweeney’s parents’ home in Potomac, Maryland. The company now claims to have 50 offices around the world, which variously manage the highly successful Fortnite, develop Unreal Engine, and operate the Epic Games Store.

If you want to see what the largely empty Cary Towne Center currently looks like, there are plenty of photos on the weirdly interesting r / deadmalls reddit.

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