Divvy-Up Announces First Wine Sharing Basket, Offering Direct Vineyard Purchase to More Wine Lovers

SONOMA, California., August 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Divvy-Up LLC announced today that they are offering wine enthusiasts a new way to buy small-production, artisanal wines online at significant savings over retail prices. Divvy-Up has developed a revolutionary shared shopping cart technology, available at www.divvy-up.com, which allows wine buyers to easily group wines purchased directly from the cellar by partial or full case. Individual buyers can purchase as many bottles as they want and pay for them directly, getting the volume discount on the case without purchasing the entire case. With Divvy-Up, sharing wine with friends is more than social, it also allows you to make big savings.

Divvy-Up’s unique shared shopping cart is also a boon for small artisanal wineries. According to Wine Vines Analytics, online sales of small wineries grew by more than 60% last year. But small wineries still face the logistics of checkout purchases, limiting access to the online market. By making their offers directly via www.divvy-up.com, wineries can reach more wine lovers, without the added burden of handling the logistics of individual buyers.

For wine buyers, www.divvy-up.com offers a new and innovative way to discover artisanal wines. “Not only are many of these wines rarely available in stores,” said the co-founder, Stephane Zocchi, “But by avoiding distribution and retail mark-ups, wineries can also offer customers really big discounts. The savings are incredible.” The wines on offer include unique grape varieties and blends that highlight premium fruit and the local terroir that is the hallmark of small-production, artisanal wines.

Detailed wine information, along with winemaker tasting notes and videos, accompany the featured wine offering. In addition, several registered members of Divvy-Up receive a free bottle from the cellar so that they can give their opinion. The site includes a community space where reviews are posted, and wine buyers can discuss the offer – often with the winemaker who joins them.

The shared shopping experience at the heart of www.divvy-up.com facilitates the splitting of cases. Buyers can start a share or join an open share. There are features to customize a shared cart and directly invite friends to join the cart. Access to shared baskets can also be posted on Facebook, Twitter and on the site’s community forum. Of course, with the savings offered, many members also choose to buy solo which is just as easy to do.

About Divvy-Up:
Divvy-Up is a new way to buy wine that allows the cellar to save up to 70% thanks to a first shared shopping basket. Located in the heart of wine country, in Sonoma, California, Divvy-Up specializes in introducing wine lovers to new artisanal vineyards and provides a fun wine-buying experience with group discussions, community reviews, winegrower tasting notes and videos.

Press contact:
Stephane Zocchi
[email protected]


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