Cité Arquitetura shopping center integrated into the landscape of Brasilia

Sustainable materials and integration into the landscape and local culture of Cerrado are the highlights of the new Sharing Shopping Brasilia, a recently opened shopping center in the Brazilian capital. The project was developed by a team made up of Architectural Citythe studio of architects Celso Rayol and Fernando Costa, and Sa and Almeida, the studio led by architect Marcos Sá, with consulting services from André Ryfer and Ian Joels. The architects’ objective was to propose an innovative model that could become a reference for the design of shopping centers in Brazil.

New Sharing Shopping Brasilia will complement an existing infrastructure hub including the international airport. The volumes of the shopping mall will be spread over a green park of around ten thousand square meters. Most of the existing vegetation in the area has been preserved: more than a thousand trees of native species, to preserve the biodiversity of the Cerrado and its colors, scents and textures. Among the large, flowing spaces imbued with light and natural ventilation, the architects have created an evocative route – a stroll following the winding shapes of the paths on the local highlands.

This enriches the shopping experience with a real outdoor stroll in contact with the surrounding nature. The architecture and forms of the shopping center revive the local landscape and the rock formations typical of the highlands, reddish in color due to the presence of clay in the soil of Brasilia. The shops and kiosks recall the rocks of the Cerrado, while the slatted roofs provide shade, evoking the light clouds typical of the region, while the leaf-like texture of the perforated sheeting protects the Gourmet area Mario pays homage to the lush natural vegetation of the region.
The innovative model introduced by Brazilian architects revolves around constant references to the landscape and local culture, offering new concepts of urban public space in healthier and more sustainable environments where nature goes hand in hand with architecture. .

(Agnes Bifulco)

Technical sheet

Architecture, landscape and interiors: Cité Arquitetura + Sá&Almeida Arquitetura e Paisagismo

Area: 76,473.02 m² (built area) and 178,708.85 m² (site)
Year: 2021
Authors: Celso Rayol, Fernando Costa and Marcos Sá
Team: Eduardo Romano, Daniel Osório, Lucia Andrezo, André Caterina, Thiago Godoy, Vanessa Moreira, Fabiana Melo, Júlia de Queiroz, Mateus Fragoso, Camilla Rocha, Rafael Romero, Juliana Ramos, Glauco Lobato, Luciano Melo, Luisa Valverde, Amanda Santos , Lilian Vieira, Leonardo Leal, Mateus Keiper, Pedro Brito, Luiz Eduardo Rayol, Gabriela Sales, Daniel Nardelli and Gustavo Martins
Images: Architectural City
Consultants: André Ryfer & Ian Joels
Structure: Modus Engenharia
Foundation and retainer: Apoio Engenharia
Drainage, earthworks and paving: Conceito Engenharia
Survey: FRB Engenharia
Topography: Projetop Topography
Installations, fire and automation: PGMAK
Air conditioning: Contractors
Environmental comfort: seed solution
Visual communication: Modonovo
Lighting: Senzi
Accessibility: Paula Dias
Acoustic: Akkerman Alcoragi
Window frame: Crescêncio Engenharia
Waterproofing: Proiso
Property manager: Grupo Partage
City: Brasilia, Brazil

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