Canada’s Best Online Shopping Deals This Week

Are you looking for a winter coat or a stick vacuum? Shop our listing.

Each week, we search for the most timely online sales in Canada, flagging branded items, big ticket items and the most in-demand picks. These offers are fleeting, so if you see something you want, be sure to get it before it’s gone.

January sales are supposed to usher in spring inventory, which means plenty of deals on winter gear like coats. With an eye out for the deepest discounts on top-rated brands and a few under-the-radar gems, we’ve picked up kitchen utensils, high-end stick vacuums, winter coats, skincare flights, and more. skin and miscellaneous kitchen items.

(Note: All prices are subject to change and some products may vary slightly from the item pictured.)


A kitchen scale is essential for getting accurate measurements (especially when making dough and balancing portions). A basic digital scale does the job and costs less than $20. Available at Amazon.

milk frother

A milk frother isn’t just for cappuccinos at home: it can also whip up matcha, hot chocolate and even whip eggs. Available at Amazon.

KitchenAid Pasta Maker

If there was a KitchenAid under the tree this year, you might want to add some attachments like a slicer/shredderr, a pasta maker (spaghetti, flat sheets and fettuccini) and a meat grinder.

tall drinking glasses

A set of tall drinking glasses (these are just over 16 oz.) from Bormioli are made from quality glass. These are dishwasher safe, and with a high basis weight, they look and feel expensive. Available at Amazon.


rocket shark

The light Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum ($199.99) is on sale at Best Buy. This one isn’t wireless for those who don’t want to mount a docking station. Available at best buy.

TineCo vacuum cleaner

the Tineco A11 Hero wireless The vacuum features a 450W motor and HEP filtration that captures 99.97% of allergens. $339.99 at best buy.

Amazon vacuum cleaner.

This cordless vacuum cleaner isn’t a big brand, but it has hundreds of 5-star ratings on Amazon and regularly makes “best” lists, with praise for its suction on floors and carpets. It comes with several attachments (like crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, dusting brush). It has many features like a high-priced Dyson, like one-click bin emptying and a docking station. $149.99 at Amazon.

hand vacuum cleaner

For a crumb-strewn counter, the overlooked spot between couch cushions, detailing a car, and getting into hard-to-reach places (like grime spots on a keyboard), this little hand vacuum cleaner penetrates all the crevices. $79.98 to Amazon.


SA Cleaner

This CeraVe SA Cleaner made on our List of TikTok skinfluencers. It deep cleans without stripping the skin barrier and is a great dupe for Skinceuticals Simply Clean gel cleanser (much more expensive).

jade roller

jade rollers are a cooling, de-puffing and soothing tool for the skin. Right now, this set, with a double-sided roller and a gua sha carving tool, is under $25 at Amazon.

French cream

The products of French pharmacies are generally high quality, multi-purpose and cult in North America. Embryolisse is thick and deeply hydrating; it can be used as face cream, mask, make-up base and dry spot remover for hands, elbows and heels. This small tube (100 ml) is ideal for testing and for travelling. $16.80 to Amazon.


sale winter coats for women

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen quilted parka from Simons ($269.95).

Mollis sherpa jacket.

Mollis Sherpa Wool Jacket ($99.95) from Simons is a cozy layering piece.


Get ready for spring showers with this The North Face Inlux jacket ($199.95) at Simons.

gap overcoat

Are you tired of sportswear? A feature film wool coat from the Gap is polished for dinner (or layer it over a matching tracksuit for a streetwear look). $223.99 at Difference.

gap inflator

A burst of color made for a high impact down jackett: red, pink and a shiny black. $133.99 at Difference.

Sale winter coats for men

MEC hoodie

A MEC Airstream Tech Hoodie ($159.94) is insulated yet breathable, with handwarmer pockets and a helmet-compatible hood.

simons coat

Stand out in a sea of ​​Arc’teryx with this single-breasted faux suede camel coat ($199.95) from Simons.

sherpa jacket

Sherpa jackets look like a coat and feel like a teddy bear. $32 to Old Navy.

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