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Projects to reduce homelessness achieve positive resultsOver the past 3 years, the KPIX 5 Project Home team has profiled dozens of homeless residents in the Bay Area. Now there is good news to share. Reports by Andria Borba. (11-11-21)

East Oakland Tiny Homes Village Gets International AttentionSharon Chin talks about a youth-run mini-house village in the East Bay offering homes for young people (11-1-2021)

Fire hardening saves homes but insurers resist rate cutsCalifornia homeowners who have taken steps to make their properties wildfire resistant expect their efforts to be recognized by their insurance companies. Most are disappointed. Kenny Choi reports. (9-30-21)

Project Home: insurance moratorium grants temporary help to homeowners in fire zonesFor the past three years, California has ordered temporary moratoria following major fires to prevent insurance companies from abandoning their policies. But as Kenny Choi tells us, when the moratoriums expire, it could strike closer to home than you think.

San Jose COVID seniors protest impending evictionSome San Jose seniors are at risk of being evicted from their COVID emergency shelter. They led their fight to the town hall. Kiet Do reports. (9-24-21)

Renegade San Jose homeless advocates build sheds without city approvalA renegade movement is underway to build emergency housing in San José. Kiet Do reports. (9-9-21)

East Bay start-up tackles housing problem with 3D printing technologyMighty Buildings of Oakland has created seven 3D printed ADUs (Accessory Housing Units) that are already present in the community. Susie Steinle reports. (6-24-21)

As eviction moratorium nears expiration, tenants seek redressThe statewide moratorium on evictions is set to expire in 20 days, putting more than one million Californians at risk of losing their homes. Susie Steinle reports. (6-10-21)

Developer sues Millbrae over proposed El Rancho Inn accommodationA peninsula town with a history of failing to meet its affordable housing goals, Millbrae is now being sued for it. Susie Steinle reports. (6-3-21)

The bill proposes to build housing on the property of a shopping centerJohn Ramos reports on growing push to develop housing on shopping mall property in California (6-1-2021)

Oakland tenants allege Mosser companies engage in tenant harassmentFive separate lawsuits were filed in Superior Court on Tuesday against real estate investment company Mosser Companies, alleging the company is harassing tenants and violating Oakland’s Tenant Protection Order. Susie Steinle reports.

Homeowners buying insurance in high fire areas should be prepared for the shock of stickersThe onset of fire season should be a wake-up call for home buyers and homeowners in places like Paradise, California. Susie Steimle reports that the insurance rates in these high fire areas can give them sticker shock.

Project Home: Federal Court overturns CDC deportation moratorium, what does this mean for Bay Area?A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that the Centers for Disease Control did not have the power to impose a moratorium on evictions nationwide, saying the public health agency did not have the constitutional right to stop evictions. Susie Steinle reports. (5/5/21)

SF contemplates multi-million dollar plan to create safe sleep sites for the city’s homelessThe San Francisco board of directors plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on “safe sleep sites.” On Project Home, Susie Steimle talks to city leaders and homeless advocates about the pros and cons of the proposal.

Class action lawsuit alleges low-income homeowners targeted for deceptive PACE loansClass action lawsuit alleges low-income homeowners were the target of deceptive PACE green energy loans. Susie Steimle got an exclusive interview with the state agency that oversees the program.

Soaring lumber prices hit new home buyers hard in CaliforniaLumber prices have reached historic highs, making homes in California even more expensive. Builders say this causes a ripple effect that will exclude more people from the market. Susie Steinle reports. (4-8-21)

Homebuyers forgo the unexpected to compete in the bustling housing marketOne of the ways that buyers in this hot real estate market make their offers stand out is by forgoing the unexpected. Real estate agents fear this could lead to lawsuits. Susie Steinle reports. (4-1-21)

California real estate agents advise sellers to ignore ‘love letters’ from potential buyersRealtors discourage home sellers from reading overly personal calls from potential buyers, known in the industry as “love letters.” Susie Steinle reports. (4-1-21)

The “Flex Pool” program associates the homeless of San Franciscans with vacant apartmentsThroughout the pandemic, San Francisco has seen an increase in the number of vacant apartments, now homeless people are placed in these empty units. Susie Steinle reports. (3-26-21)

Project Home Web Extra: UC Berkeley Professor Claudia Polsky talks about the PACE programClaudia Polsky, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law at UC Berkeley and Founder of the Environmental Law Clinic, discusses issues with the PACE program (3-18-2021)

Some energy-efficient home improvement plans hit homeowners with financing problemsA state-approved program to help low-income homeowners make energy improvements to their property has had catastrophic and unintended consequences. Susie Steinle reports. (3-18-21)

Homelessness volunteer says stab at San Jose church won’t deter himA victim of a brutal attack by a homeless man doesn’t let that stop her from helping the homeless community. Susie Steinle reports. (3-12-21)

Project Home: Auction wars return as Bay Area housing market heats up 1 year after pandemicIn the Bay Area housing market, bidding wars are back in force, nearly a year after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Susie Steinle reports. (3/10/21)

Lake County luxury hotel housing project raises concerns over wildfire riskThe California attorney general wants to end a luxury housing development in a fire-prone area of ​​Lake County. Susie Steinle reports. (3-5-21)

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