As LG started selling iPhones and iPads on its online mall this week, iDevices arriving at their 400 retail stores could be on hold.

On June 17, Patently Apple released a report titled “With LG Exit from Smartphone Business, Company Wants to Sell iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch in 400 LG Best Shops in Korea.” Then, on June 28, we released a follow-up report titled “Apple’s possible deal to sell iPhones at 400 LG stores sent shockwaves through some business groups asking LG to reconsider.”

TuesdayThe Korea Times reported that “LG recently ran a special promotion for iPhones, iPads and other Apple products on Lifecare, its online shopping center for group employees, the sources said. This was apparently the first time the group had offered mobile devices from another smartphone maker for its employee buying program.

The move came amid growing speculation that LG Electronics could sell Apple products to local consumers at its 400 stores nationwide after leaving the mobile business. This is a positive step forward.

However, a relatively unknown Korean source by the name of smedaily claimed on Friday that LG had decided to halt its decision to expand iPhone and iPad sales at its 400 physical stores. The report further notes that “Samsung Electronics is concerned about Apple’s cooperation with LG Electronics, which will lead to a weakening of the domestic market advance.”

Oddly enough, this latest smedaily news is not being covered by the biggest Korean news sources such as the Korean Times, The Korea Herald, Business Korea, and others. Is it possible that LG has decided to limit sales of iPhones and iPads to its online store? Yes of course, but we will need confirmation from a second source, a major Korean tech site, to confirm this latest rumor as a fact and if it is a temporary measure regarding local politics.

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Peggy P. Gilmore