Arricano Real Estate: About the press event at the Sun Gallery shopping center

At the event, they talked about current plans: remodeling, renaming, social initiatives and marketing.

Remodeling, renovation, ecosystem of Sun Gallery shopping center and research on the way of life of the inhabitants of Kryvyi Rih

In 2022, the largest shopping and entertainment complex in Kryvyi Rih will undergo qualitative changes. Being a professional shopping mall, the management solutions comply with European management standards and business processes, conduct regular research and respond flexibly to the demands of the target audience of visitors.

About the mall renovation

The Sun Gallery mall has already announced a remodeling strategy, under which the square footage of the grocery hypermarket in the mall will shrink and the food retailer itself will open in a new format. As a result, the shopping arcade space will be expanded for brand stores in “Fashion”, “Sports”, “Electronics”, “Housewares” categories which are sought after by the public. Contracts have already been signed with most of the tenants, including the Ukrainian retail chain Silpo. Renovation work will begin in the spring and the opening is scheduled for the third quarter. During this period, the fashion gallery in the Sun Gallery shopping center will operate according to the usual schedule with interesting marketing promotions.

After the confinement, there have been significant changes in consumer habits and preferences, and there is a demand for quality of service and comfort. And it’s a global trend, where customers spend less and less time shopping, preferring leisure activities to a restaurant’s food court, ordering ready meals. At the same time, visitors prefer to shop in a shopping center, where one can get advice from sellers, confidently choose the right product, take their own test or try it carefully. And that’s the main advantage of an offline purchase – an actual purchase that has passed a “test drive” with all of the human senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch, depending on the product category. Online clicks don’t allow you to interact so emotionally with the product. In addition, shopping in the mall will diversify your free time with socializing, content and atmosphere in the food court. After all, food is mood.

About the name change

Another project planned for 2022 is the rebranding of the mall. According to the results of research, focus groups and surveys with various target audiences, residents of Kryvyi Rih like the Sun Gallery the most. At this time, the design concept and visual design are being finalized, so that in the near future, the new sign of the mall will shine sunny again.
In addition, the name change project provides for a number of documents to confirm the brand and develop a new identity in the visual communication of the brand.

About the Marketing Specialty

Marketing activities in the Sun Gallery shopping center always aim to improve the consumer experience of visitors with the addition of an aesthetic, contemplative and emotional component. And in March, the mall will launch a special shopping rewards marketing program “Sun Awards”, which aims to increase the level of customer loyalty to the mall’s brand and brands of partner stores.
The mechanics of the program provide for the accumulation of special points for each purchase made in the stores of the Sun Gallery shopping mall and the exchange of points for gifts and special offers from the shopping mall and partner brands. The program contains gamification elements and stunning surprises for buyers, as well as a wide range of opportunities for tenant partners to draw attention to their brand and a particular product or product group by earning additional points. for its purchase. The program is implemented on the platform of one of the most popular messengers – Viber – using artificial intelligence Chat Bot, which automates and facilitates customer participation “in one click”.

About the mall ecosystem

A modern shopping center is an object of urban social significance that develops dynamically and is responsible to its customers in the field of service quality, safety and comfort. It is a sort of “brand-consumer-shopping center” ecosystem, which exclusively goes beyond the boundaries of the shopping center object.
Negotiations are currently underway with the Doctor Dog veterinary clinic, as well as with other public and voluntary organizations with a view to setting up relevant social projects for the city. The Sunny Gallery brand develops the CSR platform in compliance with the company’s corporate ESG policy. The project portfolio is enriched every month with new initiatives. Among the most recent is a series of innovative photo exhibitions by ROZOU-X in the style of contemporary art in Japan. This means cooperation with charitable foundations and inclusive organisations. Learn more about this area of ​​work in the media and on partner media platforms.

About the results of a lifestyle study in Kryvyi Rih

An interesting fact is that a shopping center in the modern world is a place of social life. 22% of respondents to a survey conducted in the Sun Gallery shopping center (January 2022) said they came to the mall “in order not to stay at home”. This means that city dwellers need to socialize and communicate in a safe and comfortable place outside of their homes. For most visitors, 90%, 10 stores they consider their favorites and shopping is enough. However, since everyone’s preferences are different, the choice of brands in the Sun Gallery mall is likely to satisfy different segments of target groups.
By the way, 10% of respondents said that cultural events in Kryvyi Rih are attended every week, that is, films, exhibitions, performances, galleries. 27% – monthly, 44% – once every six months.
For 53.8% of respondents, it is important to be influential and stylish. And for 48.5%, only 30 minutes is enough to get ready quickly.
Kryvyi Rih prefers a sporty style. And this was confirmed by 67% of respondents. By the way, this is also a global European trend – sports are in fashion.
And of the most interesting things – 44% of respondents order from the closet monthly, 36% – once every six months, 20% – once a year.
Sun Gallery Shopping Center has already established itself as a center of social and social significance, dynamically transforming under the influence of market trends, customer behavior, demands and ideas. Therefore, in the management of shopping malls, it is important to pave the way to the heart, to gain a foothold in the top of the mind and to maintain their interest in new brands, formats and offers, including on the emotional, excited happytite. (happy + appetite) for future visits.

About Communications

In 2022, the main message is to form your own image. “I want to share our thoughts and marketing approaches, which aim to effectively interact with visitors who reach consumer channels to increase interest in shopping, the mall, new fashion lines and models, without wait for discounts.
We understand that the incentive to update your own wardrobe should be tied to personal needs and challenges. So that our visitors not only “sort” their closets, but also try to unload them and fill them with new clothes. It is the wardrobe, the mirror, the fitting room that are the central objects of the buying process,” said Olena Obukhivska, communication director of Arricano (Sun Gallery shopping center).

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