Argument over shopping cart leads to fight, police say

SMITHFIELD — An argument over a shopping cart reportedly led to a fight inside the Smithfield Walmart. Smithfield Police say they responded to Walmart on February 14 around 3:00 p.m. for a brawl involving two women, aged 49 and 66, both with Smithfield addresses.

A police spokesperson said the two women, who did not know each other, were shopping at the grocery aisle. One of the women moved a shopping cart that was allegedly in her way, upsetting the other person. Words were exchanged and the altercation turned physical.

An incident report said both victims suffered minor injuries but did not require medical attention at the scene.

Officers told both parties to speak to a magistrate if they wanted to press charges. There was no immediate report that either party had obtained a warrant.

No other customers were involved in the altercation.

In November 2015, Smithfield police were called to Walmart following an altercation between two people after a shopping cart was not returned to the correction location in the parking lot.

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