Andhra’s one-stop shopping destination for fashion at an affordable price

CMR Mall is the brainchild of their Managing Director, Sri Mavuri Venkata Ramana. In 1983 he joined the company, working as a cashier, and became a strong entrepreneur and successful businessman. He laid the foundations of a successful retail business 40 years ago, which today has grown into 25 stores, four brands and two CMR Central malls, with many more businesses under development. . The CMR Group has obtained numerous distinctions thanks to its vision and direction.

Third-generation director Mavuri Mohan Balaji has brought a fresh perspective to the business, digging into deep roots in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, with the aim of achieving maximum business presence in the state. With a Masters in e-Business from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Bond University, he focused on the benefits of expanding into the digital marketplace. As a result, he started two online shopping websites, “Kanchi Kamakshi Silks” and “Mavuri” for authentic and selected looms.

The Kanchi Kamakshi brand emphasizes a collection of selected sarees. This is a handpicked collection of authentic weavings from across the country. It offers a wide variety of fancy sarees and timeless looms. The hand-woven masterpieces, each with its own weaving style, come from various parts of India. Covering the length and breadth of the country, the brand believes in working with the respective local communities of weavers, thereby encouraging/enhancing their livelihoods.

CMR Jewelery is another prestigious part of the CMR group. The brand has been creating handcrafted jewelry with precise detail and the finest quality hallmark for the past four decades and has earned the trust and loyalty of customers. They provide BIS 916 hallmarked jewelry at below market price and VA fee from 3%.

Today, the CMR Group has become a large family of brands and shopping malls with a strong presence in online digital markets. At present, the CMR group has 25 textile stores and 14 gold jewelry stores in Andhra Pradesh and also plans to launch new boutiques in Telangana and other states. The average store size is 10,000 to 60,000 m². ft.

In an exclusive interaction with, Mavuri Satya Veera Santhosh Mohan Balaji, Manager of Chandana Brothers Mall, puts the focus on travel, highlighting the brand’s challenges and business opportunities in this part of the region.
Tell us about your market strategy?

Due to tremendous growth in the retail space, we are aiming for a strong push towards the expansion of our brands to various other markets. With the increase household income and spending capacity, we aim to become a family brand for all your fashion needs. We pride ourselves on quality products with a low cost pricing strategy to ensure we meet the needs of consumers in different categories.

We also offer a diverse and thriving promotion during both festive and non-festive seasons to ensure that all of our consumers get the best prices for their shopping needs.

With a wide range of collections to suit every occasion, we focus on marketing our bridal collection and quality clothing to style your various life events.

However, we would also like to highlight the rise of the conscious consumer, with the surge in demand for local, ethically sourced and handmade products that have

created a niche. Through ‘Kanchi Kamakshi Silks’ and ‘Mavuri’, we source our products (handlooms) directly from weavers at a fair price to maintain product authenticity and quality.

What is the USP of your brand/stores?

We are a one stop shopping destination for all fashion needs. We meet the needs of the whole family at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on our personalized customer service standards and a wide variety of our collections of cosmetics, fashion jewelry, home appliances and fragrances, as well as our superb collection of clothing and sarees.

What digital features/innovations are present in your stores?

Our stores and shopping centers are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, with wide shopping aisles and ample parking spaces, creating a hassle-free shopping experience. At CMR Shopping Mall, we take customer service very seriously and believe in maintaining a level of customer satisfaction. To ensure that we have introduced easy access and user-friendly digital feedback and testimonial systems.

Which store is the most popular store and why? Tell us about the average daily footfall in stores?

CMR – Judge Court, is our first unique fashion store in Andhra

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