Amazon’s new shopping cart will let you skip what?

The cashier-less checkout is already a thing in Amazon’s small Go stores, but it won’t be the only way to go (pun intended) to the larger grocery stores the company has planned. These locations will have standard checkout lines run by human cashiers, unless you choose to use one of the smart shopping carts.

the Dashboard trolley is arguably the most high-tech cart ever designed to enhance the shopping experience. With the touchscreen mounted just above the handle, users scan a QR code on their Amazon smartphone app to log into their account. There, they will be able to view the items from their Amazon shopping list and check them off as they are added to the cart.

The basket is equipped with sensors to scan the items when placed inside, and it can also weigh the items. There is also a coupon scanner to easily apply store discounts. Once the user has completed their purchases, they simply exit the store through the designated Dash Cart lane. Their Amazon account will be charged for the trip, no cashier needed.

The first location to get the Dash carts will be the Amazon supermarket in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. The company has yet to reveal where the carts might appear in the future, although Whole Foods stores may be a logical guess.

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Peggy P. Gilmore