Amazon Strengthens Ties With Morrisons To Offer Better Grocery Shopping

by Pranali Mehta

The current coronavirus epidemic has brought about major changes in all aspects of life. Most employees work from home, businesses are closed, and the world’s economies have slowed down dramatically. As most industries slow down, one more active industry than ever is online grocery shopping.

As digital infrastructure took center stage during the pandemic, businesses around the world have been doing their best to tap into a significant market share. A similar incident emerged when e-commerce giant Amazon Inc. allegedly strengthened its relationship with Morrison Supermarkets Plc, to deliver better grocery shopping in Britain.

As a result of the extended collaboration, Amazon Prime users will have access to Morrison’s full range of services on its main website. The company said in the release that its Prime users can get same-day delivery for orders over $ 53 for zero delivery charges. However, for orders with a value of less than 40 pounds, the company will charge a delivery charge of 3.99 pounds.

Sources cite that these services will initially launch in Leeds, northern England, and expand to millions of Prime users across the UK in the coming weeks. It will deliver thousands of groceries including seafood, meat, dairy, baked goods and fruit vegetables. Prices will be similar to Morrisons stores.

Morrisons employees will select orders at local Morrisons stores, while Amazon partners will deliver these products to consumers.

Since 2016, the two companies have expanded their relationship, leading to a rumor that Amazon could take over one of the main UK market chains. Both companies have repeatedly declined to comment on these speculations.

For the record, Prime is the main retail proposition of the e-commerce giant with an annual membership fee of £ 79. Membership provides access to unlimited one-day delivery and services such as TV, movies, and music.

The Morrisons deal is in line with Amazon’s decision last month to begin free delivery of its online grocery service to Prime users.

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