Airbnb tenant finds abandoned mall ‘haunted’ under her unit

Most Airbnb renters find the unique features, rooms, and decorations of the homes they rent out to be one of the best things about choosing to use the service over a traditional hotel.

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But for an Airbnb user, there was something special about her rental that she might not have seen.

Claire Schuelin went viral on TikTok after posting a video that showed her Airbnb rental had an entire abandoned mall in the basement.

The original video, set to spooky music, shows Schuelin happily strolling around before turning the camera around to show what appears to be the first floor of an old mall.

It was also shown in this video that the rental is part of a larger hotel, not a detached house.

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After garnering over 7 million likes on the first clip, Schuelin posted a follow-up video addressing the questions and concerns of millions of viewers.

“I didn’t expect it to explode but it’s ok… it’s a little scary, but it’s okay,” she told viewers.

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In a third follow-up video, which shows a tour of the mall, viewers began commenting on where they think the rental is located.

“This is a Hollywood resort in Florida and undergoing renovations,” said one user.

“This hotel is on Hollywood Beach and used to be a hospital,” another seemed to confirm.

According to Reddit, the building in question is most likely the Oceanwalk Mall in Hollywood Beach, Florida.

“I heard the place is haunted, but I was never there for more than two hours, so I can’t confirm that,” one user commented.

Another thread shows an exterior view of the closed mall, confirming that it is under multiple condo units.

“This place holds up in a vacuum sealed time loop,” wrote a local resident.

Schuelin’s video became so popular that another TikTok user, who goes by the name @whomjosh, created a response to the original video confirming the abandoned mall in the basement by revealing that it also remained in the same Airbnb.

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## duo with @whomjosh we can still see the old people and the fire alarm woke us up this morning and there is no fire

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“The place was so run down and sketchy… a weird simulation problem,” he says.

But perhaps the strangest detail was the discovery that the place wasn’t entirely deserted – people still visited the space to sit and socialize.

“There was a cafe where the old people would still come in and sit there and have their coffee and their newspaper. We walked past them and they just sat there like we weren’t in an abandoned mall.

Schuelin then released a final video which actually confirmed there were several people sitting in the basement at what appear to be old catering tables.

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The Oceanwalk Mall sits beneath the Hollywood Beach Resort, which has a “famous and storied past that will entertain history and architecture buffs,” according to the resort’s website.

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