A unique market at Ramphal Chowk in Dwarka

Ramphal Chowk is one of the busiest markets in Dwarka. Dwakiites Mall is that lighted market that has everything and everything you need to shop. It is full of many supermarkets, stores like – Goyal Sons, FBB, W Store, Fab India to name a few, street food stalls like – KC, MomoZone, Pav Bhaji; repair shops, jewelry stores, bakeries and more. There are always a lot of people and traffic. In addition, you will find second-hand bookstores and uniform stores. In short, it is a complete market to meet all your daily needs.

Getting There :

The closest metro stations are the sector 10 metro stations on the blue line. From there it takes around 30 to 40 rupees by rickshaw. Most car wallas know this market because it is one of the most popular in Dwarka and know it mostly as the Ramphal Chowk market.

Foodie Center

Crossing the alley we found an amazing place. If there’s anything we like to devour, it has to be a hot plate of momos. With the right balance of spiciness and creaminess, these little balls of joy are enough to give us a foodgasm like no other. If you agree with us, read ahead, because we have something delicious in store for you!

Limit all your Chinese cravings at KC

Afghan Momos! We found you these irresistible afghan chicken momos from KC restaurant in Dwarka and if you haven’t tried them then you are surely missing out on a lot folks. Costing just a few dollars a plate, these creamy momos are sure to transport you to your foodie paradise!

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So, we will try them out and we suggest you come with us. Get your plate of these delicious ones and you will be all sorted! After all, you don’t really have to say no to momos, right?

From food to shopping, you get it all at Ramphal Chowk

Right next to KC restaurant is La Kababiyaa and it’s your answer to spicy cravings – think chicken, think masala, think a whole Indian meal from A to Z and you’ll have it there.

You are spoiled for choice given the wide variety of non-vegetarian dishes that La Kababiyaa offers; highlights include Kali Mirchi Chicken, Biryani Mutton, and Khurana Chicken (if you like your food loaded with masala, you’ll love this one). It is also one of the few places in Delhi where you will find a murg massallam. If you’re not a meat lover, don’t worry, there is plenty of paneer, soy, mushrooms and aloo for you. Pssst, they also serve the Chinese.

‘Polka’ is one of the most famous bakeries in the region. They make all kinds of decadent cookies and pastries. Every time you visit the place, try their Jeera and Atta Biscuits, the perfect accompaniments to your Chai night!

Vardhman shopping center at sector-7 Dwarka

It also serves Western specialties like chicken puffs, croissants, and focaccia bread, as well as sweet treats like chocolate truffle cake and pies, and more.

The market also has an amazing range of street joints and chain restaurants. Restaurants like Kali Ghata, Grover Sweets, Bikaner are popular choices for those who can’t stand street food, but if you can, the place is at its best in the evening.

The famous Grover candies to feed your sweetheart

General stores

The Vardhman Mall, as the buildings are called, is always filled with all kinds of multi-utility products.

Daytime items such as plastic buckets, brooms, trash cans, containers and school lunch boxes, plastic chairs, dining tables, planters, mops, kitchen textiles, knives , cutting boards, bottle openers and ice buckets can be purchased here. The list is endless.

There are also products like glass bracelets, hair accessories, eyeliners, mascara and makeup kits from Taiwan and Korea available here.

General stores and retail stores have a range of multi-brand clothing and various varieties to meet different needs and budgets.

Flea markets offer clothes for as little as 100 rupees for jeans, that’s it! General stores like Apollo Pharmacy have everything for those with prescriptions.

Sector 7 market, Ramphal Chowk does well to be a little getaway from it all, for the people there. It is always buzzing with young people thronging this market frequently, so go ahead and make the most of its offers.

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