6 best shopping deals in February

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February may be the shortest month of the year, but shoppers still have plenty of time to discover bargains. You’ll find winter apparel and winter sports gear in deep discount this month, though inventory and selection may be low as retailers finish phasing out these items.

Many of the biggest savings will be on big-ticket household items, such as appliances, furniture, and mattresses. As they did with Black Friday sales, which are now spread throughout November, retailers will extend Presidents’ Day sales beyond the actual holiday, Feb. 21.

“Presidents’ Day sales aren’t just for one day or one weekend,” says Kimberly Palmer, spokesperson for personal finance website NerdWallet. “They often start at the beginning of the month and extend well into the following week.”

Read on for an overview of the types of products that shopping experts say retailers tend to mark down this time of year.

1. Appliances

Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or ready to replace an old or inefficient washer-dryer combo, this is a great month to find great deals on home appliances, according to analysis by tech publisher DigitalTrends.com. One note: supply chain issues persist for devices, so even if you are able to pick and order your devices at the price you want, you may have to wait a month or more for delivery.

Where to look for offers: Sears, Best Buy, Home Depot

Potential savings: 20 percent or more

2. Winter sports equipment

While snow and temperatures could continue to drop for weeks, retailers are already trying to shed cold weather items to make room for spring inventory. This means you can find great deals on snow pants, skates and sleds (although you can do better on skis in March).

Where to look for offers: REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart

Potential savings: 30 percent or more

3. Mattress

Presidents’ Day represents one of the biggest business events of the year for the mattress industry, and retailers are dropping prices dramatically to move products. Palmer suggests doing your research and even shopping ahead, so you’ll be ready to order when the sales hit.

Where to look for offers: Mattress Company, Macy’s, Overstock.com

Potential savings: Up to 50 percent

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