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Shopping cart migration

Are you running an eCommerce store using Magento or WooCommerce and having trouble managing it? There is no reason to be alone! Since we have been in e-commerce for 10 years, we have received various inquiries regarding performance.

Here are some challenges you might face while running your site on Magento as well as WooCommerce.

  • Migration of your existing Magento store to Magento 2.
  • Cost of servers for higher performance when using Magento 2.
  • Higher maintenance costs to ensure you can run Magento 2 website (CDN with speed optimization for your site)
  • The cost of developing a different plugin for some of the essential requirements of an e-commerce, including shipping management, shopping feeds, and email automation tools.
  • Securing your store while you run it on WooCommerce

Plus there are plenty more!

We have observed that many small and medium e-commerce businesses that run their stores using Magento or WooCommerce have these issues. If you want to move from Magento or WooCommerce to Shopify and other shopping carts, these migration tools or services could make a huge difference in time and money.

Let me explain why?

Before providing a solution to your question, I would like you to know the difficulties of switching to Shopify instead of Magento.

  • The first and most difficult element is data migration. Because the structure of databases on each e-commerce platform is different, developers will start charging a lot to transfer databases.
  • Theme integration also requires a lot of effort when you plan to switch from the same theme.
  • A plugin or custom function This is the main reason why large e-commerce stores should avoid hosting solutions. If you encounter many customizations, it is not recommended to switch to another shopping cart.

When your online store only has basic functionalities, with a minimum of tailor-made solutions it is possible to migrate your store by focusing on the following two aspects:

  • Transfer all information from one platform to another using shopping cart tools for migration or services.
  • Buy a ready-made theme or ask a theme designer to develop a theme compatible with the new online shopping platform.

This will save you time and your shopping cart transfer costs will be lower compared to custom migration solutions. In this article, we will review 5 of the best shopping cart tools and services that are trained and have the ability to deliver the maximum results at the lowest cost.

The best shopping cart migration tools are

1. Shopping carts for e-commerce


e-commerce shopping cart


This tool allows you to switch to new e-commerce platforms. Their team provides simple and quick solutions to facilitate e-commerce migration. They offer these services for orders, products as well as customers. It helps transition the program to an online shopping cart. Their proprietary product includes the Bulk Loader which allows you to migrate different products.

What is the cost of moving your cart to an e-commerce enabled cart?

Pricing details

There are several editions available from X-Cart that offer various functions designed for businesses of different sizes and objectives. Each edition has the cost of a license.

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2. Cart2Cart




The tool allows users to transfer store data completely. The program allows users to transfer the newly added data from the current eCommerce store to the brand new one. It also shows a preview of how the new store will look after the transfer process. It allows the user to export cart data as a . CSV file. It allows users to switch back to the previous e-commerce platform easily.

Pricing details

The price may vary depending on the level you want to upgrade to and the number of customers as well as the quantity of goods and orders you have placed.

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3. Next cart


Next cart


Migration tools allow users to transfer data files, such as CS, SQL, and XML. Data files can be transferred to an online platform when technicians develop tools to manage the transfer process. It also provides custom migration support for the new store. The technical staff assists customers with their needs. This allows users to upload their products to Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center without any problems. It provides better data security.

Pricing details

Pricing is based on entity limits that can be set during the migration process. Limits for entities are determined based on the number of orders, products, and customers.

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4. Shopping cart migration


Shopping cart migration


This migration tool offers unlimited and free re-migration. Cart Migration allows users to move their data files to the new e-commerce platform. It also allows users to develop a tool to support file transfer. It also provides personalized assistance to users for the transfer to the brand new e-commerce store. It has a brand new technical team that can help customers meet the requirements. Users can easily transfer products. This is the most efficient online shopping cart for small businesses.

Pricing details

Pricing depends on the amount of money the entity is allowed to spend and can be set upon transition. Feature boundaries can be determined based on a variety of variables.

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5. Carriage X


X Cart


The migration tool offers an individual approach depending on the requirements of your e-commerce site. They have a dedicated specialist who walks you through all the aspects needed to run an efficient X-Cart business. The team is equipped with the latest tools to migrate your cart. They employ highly experienced engineers who oversee the online shopping cart integration automation process. They also ensure that all product information is transferred successfully. Transferring online store information from one software to another can be tricky, especially if you’ve used Zen Cart, Magento, or any other shopping cart platform.

Pricing details

There are different editions provided by X-Cart which offer various functions designed for businesses of different sizes and objectives. Each edition comes with its own license cost.

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