3D Mall Strategy Guide – Make Your Mall More Profitable

Shopping Mall 3D is a game about managing a mall. In 3D. You’re in charge of adding new stores, stocking them, hiring staff, and… well, basically, you’re in charge of everything. This can be quite overwhelming at times, especially as your business empire gets bigger and bigger.

It’s almost like someone has to write a guide to help you. Oh wait. We have. With the strategies we share with you here, you are going to be able to earn the most money possible from your stores, and also have a lot of fun doing it. What’s the point, right?

There is something here that will help you wherever you are on your mall building journey, so be sure to read them all carefully and take them to heart. After all, these are the best Shopping Mall 3D tips, tricks and cheats.

Hire early

The first thing you should do when opening a new store is find the upgrade point and hire staff to work there. They aren’t quite capable of running the business on their own, but you can let them and earn some money while you go check out your other stores.

keep moving

Don’t just stay in one store – keep moving around the mall and helping out where you’re needed. One minute you could be stacking shelves, the next serving burgers, but make sure you focus on the mall as a whole and not just one business.

Build your stores

Keep adding new seats to your restaurants and new items to your stores. The more you have, the more money you will earn. Upgrade when you can to ensure your money is flowing as smoothly as possible, then open up new businesses when the time is right.

Get your money back

There are booths in your mall that will automatically accept cash – gumball machines and dartboards to name a few – and you want to make sure you get what you want. they collected. If a machine is full it will stop winning, so be sure to collect the money before that happens.

Think before you spend

Don’t just spend your money because you have it. Take a moment to look at what’s going on in your businesses and where that money will be most useful. Don’t forget that you can also upgrade yourself. Find the best way to make money with the money you spend.

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Peggy P. Gilmore